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Summative Assessment

                                                                                                                                                             Page 60 -61 of the Blue Program Resource Guide

T3 - INV 8:  Summative Assessment


  1. Give a summative assessment to your students at the end of the lesson series.  Collect all student responses.  Analyze the responses and develop a criteria to determine students' skills or understanding.
  2. Based on your criteria, sort the student responses into two categories:
    • Below Expectations
    • At or Above Expectations
  3. Sort the student responses further into two categories
    • Below Expectations:  Not Met / Partially Met
    • At or Above Expectations:  Met / Exceeds
  4. Write the criteria for each category in the appropriate cell.  (if using a rubric, indicate the rubric grade/score in the cell.)
  5. Record the students' names in the respective performance column.
  6. Upload a copy of the scored summative assessment from each focus student and the associated scoring guide.  Identify the work by indicating a label on the upper right hand corner:  "Summative-EL", "Summative-SP", or "Summative-CH"
   NOT MET           PARTIALLY MET            MET               EXCEEDS      
Criteria Criteria Criteria Criteria


7.  Reflect on the responses to the summative assessment, discuss the results with your Support Provider.


Based on the summative assessment, what do you observe in each student's work?
English Learner                                                                                                                                  
Student with Special Needs  
Teacher's Chice  
What does each student's work sample tell you about the effectiveness of the instructional strategy used?
English Learner                                                                                                                                
Student with Special Needs  
Teacher's Choice  
What are the next steps for each student and why?
English Learner                                                                                                                                
Student with Special Needs  
Teacher's Chice  
Given the results of the summative assessment, what additional interventions might you provide for students who did not meet the learning targets?




What needs might you anticipate for the students who exceeded the learning targets?




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