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Step 1 - 4: Individual Induction Plan

Page 51 from the Blue Program Resource Guide


T3 - INV 1: Individual Induction Plan for Investigation of Professional Practice

Name of Candidate



Support Provider










Step One:  Determine the Focus
1.  Based on the Mid-year Self-assessment, data collected about your teaching, student profiles, observation notes, what are 1 - 2 areas of growth you would like to investigate further?



2.  Which CSTPs will be addressed by this investigation?  (no more than two)



Step Two:  Crafting the Focus Question and Measurable Outcomes
3.  Focus Question



4.  Measurable Outcome (State in one simple sentence)




Step Three:  Research - Identify at least three different types of research that provided new knowledge or skill.
Title or Research Description Information Notes

*Accommodation or Modification





March MO-YR by G. Mason at ACOE


Specific strategies to differentiate lesson.



How to Differentiate Instruction in Mixed-ability Classrooms


Book Carol Ann Tomlinson Pearson Education, 2005 Detailed information on what DI is and isn't, how to group students effectively and the role of the teacher.

Anne Magario



Observation & Consultation


February MO-YR NMHS on how to teach with ELD proficiency levels in  mind.

Specific strategies to address Beg, Int, Ear-Int, Int, Adv. levels.



Step Four:  Application of Research to Teaching Practice
Describe what was actually implemented in the classroom         Impact on students                                     Impact on Teaching