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Site and District Resources

Page 33 & 34 of the Blue Program Resource Guide


T1 - C Site and District Resources


Knowledge of the resources available to a professional educator provides them with additional references for instructional planning and design to better meet the needs other students.  Use this tool to gather information that applies to your teaching context.  complete this activity during the first two months of the first year in a new school and/or district assists in knowing about your classroom, site, district and community.

School Name   Principal's Name  
School Address   School Website URL  
Schools Designation Mark all that apply: O California Distinguished




Blue Ribbon School

O Charter School




Title I School-wide

O Private No-profit




Magnet School





Private for Profit

School-wide Programs Mark all that apply:    














Other: ____________

O Other: __________
The School has Mark all that apply:    





O Computer Lab




Technology Integration

O Special Day Classes




Sports Program

O Arts Program





O Climate Team



Other: ___________


O Other: __________


Instructional Resources Contact Person's Name Location Phone # E-mail

Instructional Materials


  Rm 3 510-xxx-xxxx                        

Classroom Supplies






Instructional Coaches



Library/Media Center




Student Data Information Contact Person's Name Location Phone # E-mail




Standardized Tests



English Learners



Special Education



Other: _____________




Student Support Services Contact Person's Name Location Phone # E-mail

Nurse/Health Aide



CPR Certified Staff









Mental Health








Student Study Team



Transitional Services



Social Worker



Other: ___________





Engage in a reflective conversation with your Support Provider.  Use the prompts below to review and discuss the data.  Record important or critical insights in the cells below.


State at least three ways you would use the data collected to inform your instruction and/or assessment?



How are students referred for special services and what is your role in the process?