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Year Two Credential Candidates

Welcome to Year Two of Induction!

Are you ready for the final and last year of Induction?  I’m so pleased to inform you that I will be working directly with each of you through Induction this year.  Please direct all communication regarding Induction (formerly known as BTSA) to our office by contacting Julie Reimer or myself. 


By now you are well into implementing your classroom procedures and management systems.  You have had a few weeks to get to know your new students and your curriculum.  I hope that by delaying communication regarding Induction, we provided you the opportunity to focus on your classroom, school, and students. 

Last week, Julie sent the calendar of activities for Year 2.  Your first seminar is in October.  At that time, we will discuss and plan for the first of two inquiries you’ll be completing this year.  To prepare for that, these are the activities you’ll need to complete by Seminar #1. 

  1. Read and review Induction Resource Guidebook. “Golden Book 2017”.  With your SP, discuss and take notes on the following:
  1. What is Induction Standard 6: Teaching English Learners & Teaching Special Populations?
  2. What must a teacher know and be able to do to demonstrate these standards?
  3. Decide which Induction Standard (EL or SP) will be the focus of your first inquiry.  This will be the focus of your Induction activities from October to January.    
  1. Review Year 2 E-portfolio.  Some of the documents have been modified to reflect CCSS  language and expectations.
  2. Complete the documents “Class Profile, A-1” and “Instructional Environment, A-2” in the inquiry folder of your chosen inquiry (Inquiry #2 – EL) or (Inquiry #3 – SP)
  3. You may begin working with your Support Provider weekly.  Your SP may begin filling out the Mentor Activity Logs found in the Support Provider electronic portfolio.
  4. Log-in data: usernames and passwords are the same as last year.  If you need us to resend these to you, please email Julie at


Please also use this time, to think about what it is you’d like to explore this year.  What skills or knowledge would you like to improve, further develop or learn?  Consider your curricular goals or those of your school and/or district. 

I look forward to our first seminar in October.  Support Providers are expected to come at 4:00pm.  Credential Candidates are expected to come at 4:30pm.  Due to budgetary considerations we are not able to provide snacks to the seminars.  Please plan accordingly.