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Explanation of Reduction in Units

Did you



All Induction Seminars


Submit Inquiries

Electronically Sign your 3 MALs

Do all Surveys:

Benchmark Survey

Mid-Year Survey

SP Effect Survey

Completing all of the above will earn up to 8 Graduate Level Semester Units from University of Pacific.

Units Letter for Credential Candidate

Don't Miss University Units Deadline!

July 1st is always the deadline for Registration and Payment for Units.  The East Bay Induction Consortium Office MUST be in receipt of your paperwork & payment NO Later than July 1st of the same year you earned the Units.  Once the deadline has passed, Units are no longer available - NO exceptions.  Units must be purchase by the deadline of the year they were earned.  Participants must read and follow instructions carefully. 


  University of Pacific Does accept Credit Card Payment for Credential Candidate's.

Transcripts from UOP

Transcript Information  (Emergency Transcript Info listed at bottom)

After being graded, you will receive an unofficial grade letter from our Danville Office on University letterhead, stating the course #, grade, and amount you paid. You will receive this within a week after being graded.  If you do not receive this within a week, notify our Danville office immediately.  Email:

About your grade: In most school districts, this unofficial grade letter from our Danville Office suffices for instant credit.  Occasionally a school district requires a hard copy of this unofficial grade report and if that is the case, please email us and we will send that to you.  

Transcript Information:  In 6-8 weeks you will automatically receive, from the main campus, an unofficial transcript.  With this will be a transcript request form, listing the instructions on how to request an Official (embossed and sealed) Transcript.

Occasionally a school district requires an embossed, sealed formal transcript.   Instructions on how to request the formal transcript are outlined below.

Note: If there is an emergency and you need a transcript quickly, see the last paragraph of this letter.

Filling Out the Transcript Request Form:  It is imperative that you write your PEDU numbers on the form very clearly so that the University knows to include ALL COURSES you wish to appear on the transcript. Do not request an official transcript until you have received the unofficial one from the Registrar.  If you do, the most recent courses you’ve taken may not have been entered in the Registrar computer yet and your transcript may be missing those courses.

You can also request an official transcript over the Internet.  The earliest you can do this would be three weeks after your receive your grade letter from the Danville Office.  Go to the website of the registrar’s office: and choose the National Student Clearinghouse option. You must pay with a credit card and there is a $7 charge. Transcripts cannot be requested by email, through fax, or over the phone.

When requesting online, please write your courses in the fields marked “Degree/Certificate Title.” Again, you cannot request an official transcript unless you have received your unofficial transcript from the main campus.  You can write more than one course on a line if you have more than four courses.  If you do not write down all courses needed, your transcript could be sent without important information and you will have to re-order/ re-pay.  Requesting transcripts online is the quickest way to receive them – but you should ALWAYS wait until you have received an unofficial before ordering.  The very soonest your grade can be posted at the main campus is generally three weeks after being graded, and often it takes four - six weeks.

In filling out the form for a transcript, some clarifications:

Rush delivery means you will receive your transcripts within 3-5 days after ordering them.

Signature:  That’s electronic.

Processing Option: Select “After grades are posted” – otherwise you will receive a blank transcript because your course grades may not have been posted to your transcript yet.

If you do not receive your unofficial transcript from the Registrar eight weeks after you received your grade letter, please notify our office.  We will make sure you are taken care of.

If you need to request an Emergency, Rushed/Overnighted Transcript within the next three weeks, you don’t need to wait for the unofficial transcript to arrive.  You can call the main campus at (209) 946-2424 and request expedited posting process.  It is best to wait at least two weeks after you have been graded, three is even better, to request this.  By then your grade has gone through enough channels that the emergency process is easier.

Please note: expedited grade posting causes office delays and should only be requested if it is an emergency. 

We recommend that if you plan to request this emergency transcript, you email our Danville office the day before to alert us.  That way our office can send the necessary information to the main campus to make sure they have all the necessary information to expedite this process for you.

Our email is:

Thank you,

Karin Alexander, Executive Director, Courses4Teachers/University of the Pacific

696 San Ramon Valley Blvd #518, Danville CA 94526


                      * Tel 925.837.3817  *