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East Bay Induction Consortium is a commission approved Induction Program that supports public, charter and private schools.  The East Bay Induction Program also referred to as "EBIC" is one of 169  Induction Programs throughout the state of California. 

Newark Unified School District is the local educational agency (LEA) for the program.


Supporting Public, Charter and Private Schools

  • Do you want to know what East Bay Induction Consortium has to offer you? 
  • Do you have a preliminary credential and need Induction to clear your credential? 
  • Do you need Induction to clear your Special Ed. preliminary?
  • Are you teaching in Charter or Private School where an Induction Program is not offered? 

Call Today


Learn more about the Induction process and how East Bay Induction can help you!


Contact - Julie Reimer, 510-818-4145 or







Site Visit April 16 - 18, 2018


Save the date for interviews and/or opportunities to share feedback


EBIC Accreditation 2017/2018




Mentor Activity Logs!

3 Required Activity Logs - 3 Trimesters & be sure you have electronically signed all of them before submitting them for approval.  All logs are due by the date of your Colloquium.

Induction Seminars



If for some reason you are unable to attend your scheduled Induction Seminar, make arrangements with Leonor or Virginia for a make-up seminar or call Julie to make arrangements for a make-up.




Are you filling out the Session Reflection & Feedback forms when you receive the link via email?  These are required, you no longer get the paper version after the seminar.  Sending an electronic version enables us to collect data quicker and allows us to pull data in a much better and more concise way.  We appreciate and value your comments, suggestions, and want to address any and all questions you may have.  It is through these Session Reflection forms that the Consortium hears your voice, it is your opportunity to help us make the program better. 

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and willingness to share your comments, suggestions and questions.

Better Teaching

Connecting With Students

Get in touch with your students

When students feel connected to you and their peers, they are less likely to get into trouble.  Make efforts to establish those important connections:

  • Get to Know your students.  Let them know you care and are interested in them.  Ask about their interests, favorite sports figures, family members or hobbies.
  • Keep a notebook  so you can remember and use this information in future conversations and class activities.
  • Encourage students to get to know one another.  Have a "Mystery Student" each week.  Students guess who it is as you read clues from information you've gathered.
  • Let students learn  something about you.  Reveal personal information as appropriate.
  • Show you value  students' feelings and opinions.  Collect and use their feedback about your teaching.  Ask, "How can I help you do better in this class?"  Get their written responses.
  • Notice students  who seem to isolate themselves.  Draw them into classroom discussions and activities.


Source:  Carol Cummings, Winning Strategies for Classroom Management


East Bay Induction Consortium

Leonor Rebosura, Director


Julie Reimer, Administrative Secretary

5715 Musick Avenue

Newark, CA 94560

510-818-4145 P


Virginia Williamson,

Coordinator, Charter & Private Schools


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East Bay Induction Consortium (EBIC) is a collaborative network of professional educators who support and mentor teachers with a preliminary teaching credential through the requirements of induction that lead to a professional clear credential.  Through a structured system of formative assessment, research-based inquiry, and data analysis, EBIC is committed to empowering teachers...

  • to be reflective practitioners and life-long learners,

  • to be prepared to meet the needs of their diverse teaching population and

  • to strive for student success in academics, character development and civic participation.

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